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Gary Yantis comment made on SGT video

Interesting my comments are often at the top of “Top Comments”. I think that is a compliment. If so, thank you. I am curious though – who? SGT?, YouTube? decides on which are “Top Comments” and then in what order are they “Top Comments”? As an aside I notice brief comments I receive (such as “Thanks – Interesting Comment” from “Galahad”) does not show up in the 181 “ALL COMMENTS”. Assume someone decided it didn’t add to “conversation’ or ? – Just wondering how such things work and are decided?

As I say, “thank you and I am honored” that my comment has remained as #1 in “TOP COMMENTS”. I do my best to see past short-term “noise” to reach “long-term intentions and planned ‘end-game” of topic(s) being covered.

Just as I believe much “noise” is currently being fabricated for sole purpose of diverting world’s attention from possible world wide lock down/martial law/NWO permanent take over using multiple biological panics especially spreading fear with “sudden PURPOSELY VAGUE pandemics of unknown cause, source and type USUALLY in different random areas of world (intentional). Next thing we’ll hear is “is this possibly ancient microbial space dust earth is passing through?” Of course “answer” would be massive world wide never ending NWO martial law”. Am I thinking too far ahead? Perhaps. My belief: consider all conceivable potentials as early as possible – fewer surprises that way.

As an aside I work to think “Big Picture” and “Long term”. Thinking then reacting day to day only causes confusion. Think: “where does this fit in LONG TERM BIG PICTURE and WHO STANDS TO BENEFIT THE MOST?”. Doing this almost always provides accuracy plus keeps intentional distractions from leading you astray.

I posted on another site words worth repeating here – having six months of ALL survival supplies so as to remain IN home. Have duct tape seal cracks, plenty of bleach etc. “THEY” will attempt to herd you to “decontamination camps” = DEATH CAMPS”. Do not go! Defend your home! Discovered Ebola virus PATENTED! by USA! What else don’t we know? How many other strains of bacteria, viruses are being “designed”? Where? When? How? Many questions. Blunt response must be same as a “survivalist” = “go stealth”.

Harry Houdini (1921) “Always Watch The Other Hand”. Never more so true than today.

Personally, I am currently focused on infectious diseases having just published another book on the subject. Uncovered OBVIOUS INTENTIONAL spreading of this one particular very virulent disease by government and NGOs. (To me) this is beyond astounding and shocking! Plus, it is a massive (billion plus) crime against humanity. Is this just the beginning?

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