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Lyme Disease – 2014 Epidemic

Gary Book
Author:  Gary L. Yantis – just released!
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The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control just declared Lyme disease (LD) to be the fastest growing infectious disease in the world! Ten million Americans are infected with another four million expected in 2014! As many as one billion people are infected worldwide but less than 10% know it! They just know their “flu-like” crummy feeling never goes away and few doctors have a clue! Well, yes, many do “have a clue” but are terrified to give an LD diagnosis (the book will tell you why doctors are terrified of LD!). The bite of a tiny tick can RUIN YOUR LIFE! Infections have grown 50+ fold since 1992 and are now at the tipping point of exploding into a world-wide pandemic!
This book first “prepares” the body to “get set to get well” then step by step it carefully guides you through the “protocol” you must follow (in order) to lower or end the horrific effects of Lyme!

It took me $500,000, doctors all over the world and 20 years of pure Hell to FINALLY receive a correct diagnosis! Oops! There is NO CURE!  After being treated for 21 WRONG illnesses this one competent doctor (there is one!) found all that was wrong; Lyme disease plus nine other illnesses that tagged along!    Treated, I was quickly feeling much better! I would need the strength! As an after thought, I did a brief YouTube video wondering “does anyone else have Lyme disease?”.

YIKES! THE YOUTUBE SKY FELL IN ON ME! 500 e-mails a day then 1,000. It never stopped! Did anyone NOT have Lyme disease! Some of the stories were heart wrenching! They keep coming!

This book is an easy to read step-by-step guide to REGAIN YOUR LIFE!   OR AVOID LYME DISEASE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE IT!
I quickly had many thousands following me on YouTube. I had plenty of volunteers! I asked a few dozen who had flaming symptoms of Lyme but had never been tested for LD “please get tested for LD”. They each went to a competent LLMD (Lyme Literate MD). Each had been diagnosed with other illnesses (mostly fibromyalgia and MS). You guessed it! They ALL tested positive for Lyme. Why had their doctors never tested them for Lyme? Doctors are “terrified” of Lyme so few test for it (fearing a positive). Boy, did the fur fly! More to come in a future book.
Written by a two decade Lyme sufferer who proved you CAN recover from Lyme!  This pandemic is sweeping the world FASTER THAN ANY OTHER DISEASE!  This is the book you need to prepare and even avoid this coming night mare!  

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