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China Buys America

China Buys America

2050, no make that 2030, no make that 2020
No make that 2020 (and dropping fast!)

Gary Yantis

First of all, who am I to have such knowledge to make such a flat out bold statement with no if, ands or buts? No way to squirm out of my prediction IF it doesn’t happen? Well, I’m just your average “dumb smuck” sitting out here in the middle of Kansas pontificating as the world passes by. Who am I to profess to know more than the illustrious “experts” you see on Fox News, CNN and all of the other letters that mean a TV or radio network or even a “famous” op-ed writer in your home town paper but repeated in a bajillion other op-ed pages all over the country and even in far away places like Paris (yes! Paris, France – NOT the Paris, Texas you all assumed I meant).

I don’t answer to any editor, owner of a media empire or even my wife (she’ll read this probably never believing I’m a paranoid idiot in spite of my predictions since becoming an adult at the age of 12 – I grew up fast and grew up tough with no father (died when I was ten) and a mother who spent much of her time in “mental recovery” – I was mother and father to myself and my brother, age 9, and sister, age one, from the age of ten. We ducked the orphanage “Gestapo police” who only did what was “best” for poor young children who were suddenly (almost orphans) by dividing us up and sticking us in separate homes where we’d never see each other again. We would then grow up “dirt poor and neglected” as the families who took us in collected money for their humanitarian gesture.

Don’t get me wrong, I thank people who truly do provide loving homes to children who are suddenly TRULY orphans but we were NOT orphans. We were so poor we couldn’t afford dirt so calling us “dirt poor” doesn’t “cut the mustard”! I grew up fast and grew up becoming an adult in every way by age twelve. Thank heavens I even looked much older than my age. When I cashed the forged signature Social Security checks made out to my hospitalized mother the small town banker winked and handed me cash. Others in our small town ran “defense” for the three of us and we made it just fine! We ran the orphanage “it’s for your own good youngsters” folks in circles! We are all grown now, with families and we made it. My mother recovered and lived to age 85 finally succumbing to incompetent doctors (my opinion of doctors and all of medicine would fill a book and, in fact, some day it will.

Anyway, back to “square one”. Yes, according to those smarter than me meaning anyone in elected office, anyone with letters after their name and, well, just about everyone not named Gary Yantis residing in Shawnee, Kansas (I throw in my town since, as of last count, twenty six other people took MY name Gary Yantis with a few of them even using my middle name of Lee. And they did not ask permission! Of course it was their parents – not them as few are allowed to pick their own name while still in the womb. Still, to me, I am the only real and authentic Gary Lee Yantis. The others need to change their names! Of course I did sell the domain Yantis.net for a tidy sum to another Yantis who I’d never heard of but he suddenly came into having $82 million dollars burning a hole in his pocket having just sold a video game he had written as he delivered pizzas. He told me “I always wanted my last name as a Web site! He kept upping his offer until he I was ready to send him an e-mail reading “offer accepted” when in comes yet another offer reading “OK, last offer, I’ll offer times four my last offer.” Boy, my delay in sending him my acceptance e-mail added another zero to what he paid me!

Age 23, delivering pizzas one day then worth $82 million the next – only in America! What a country! Hmm, since he didn’t seem to know there were a dozen other domain extensions such as .us he could have bought for under $10 each all beginning with Yantis I guessed “he didn’t know much about the Internet!”. I quickly bought up all the other extensions such as Yantis.us then offered him more Yantis domains. He responded “Yantis.net is enough but, boy, you must have bought those long ago – you are a lucky guy!” No, I bought them all about 30 minutes before I wrote him. Taking advantage of the clueless? I suppose so but it was a miniscule portion of his $82 million windfall. I read later the big time video game company sued him for the $82 million after learning his game was just a variation of a game already copyrighted. Where does it all stand today? I have no idea. Yantis.net sits where I left it and no one has done a thing to it. I’ve got money I didn’t expect so, hmm, I guess I don’t object so much after all to others sharing my last name. Any other folks named Yantis want to buy a Yantis domain? I have a number of them for sale!

OK – enough of that. Have I established my credentials as one of the best forecasters of the future who ever graced this planet? No? I didn’t think so. Anyway, my dog thinks so thus that is enough. So listen up as all I have predicted since LBJ came up with his crazy “War On Poverty” and just as nutty “War on Drugs”; all put together he called it the “Great Society” has come true in spades (“spades” meaning it REALLY came true!). In high school it was before and after the murder of JFK. I began forecasting WAY back then and I’ve ALWAYS been right!

Yes, I do know what really happened to JFK, who really was responsible, why and how it was done. Just as I know the nuances of 9/11 and most every other notable event from the OKC bombing in 1995 to the birth of the Anti-Christ (oh, I can’t say much about that yet as he is not yet an adult – you’ll have to wait – sorry!). I have been a reader with a bent toward not trusting ANYTHING unless or until I picked it apart as a serious engineer (yes, I did pick up an engineering degree along the way although 99% of what I know as an “engineer” I learned on my own). This includes being your “central casting” MAD SCIENTIST! Shooting lightning bolts across rooms to levitating objects in mid-air to – well, look up the name Nikola Tesla then read all that he did. As a teenager when not changing diapers or dodging the orphanage cops I was duplicating and even extending many of his experiments, theories and inventions. I had objects defying gravity and motors spinning pulling an endless amount of energy out of the air. Flash forward to today and I am very much involved in Tesla technology to the point of having to hide my knowledge for fear of being noticed by those who would love to have such things as “time travel, more dimensions than four, endless free energy, anti-gravity” and much more!

I’m a busy guy! And could be dangerous if I was on the side of evil which seems to have taken over the world of late but I am not! Merging heaven and earth is possible right now BUT those who covet “world supremacy” are firmly in control and they have enough of “Tesla” figured out to successfully pull off such “smoke and mirrors” as “9/11” and dozens of other tricks where what you saw was NOT what happened. In each case I can explain (mostly to other engineers; some of it can only be explained in technical terms) but what they’ve learned is frightening to at least me. Frightening as I know how much more there is behind it. Their only limitation is that they inhabit the same planet the rest of us do so if they destroy the planet they have no where to hide! They destroy themselves as well!

While all this “New World Order” stuff also known as “Illuminati, Bilderberg, Knights Templar, and another dozen plus names has been slowly moving forward toward world domination the greatest power the world has ever known (The U.S.A) has been making the most stupid mistakes possible in everything from world economics to adding fluoride to drinking water. Just when a small group of wealthy beyond all imagination bankers (also known as “banksters” to those who consider them to be “criminals wearing expensive suits and $1,000 ties) thought they were very close to springing world domination upon the 99.99% of those not members of their secret handshake club all made possible by a banking slight of hand called “fractionalized banking” and then a monopoly of the money supply in almost every 1st world country with that monopoly in the U.S.A. being called the Federal Reserve System. They print “money” on pieces of paper and people exchange what they produce with hard work and long hours for these pieces of paper with ink on them and called “money” and the charade goes on! The “band plays on” in this world’s longest running largest Ponzi scheme ever!

Just when they thought they were ready to pounce putting the clueless thundering herd of denizens of an educational system that has done a beyond amazing job of “dumbing down” all but the few who were impossible to be turned into puddles of mindless mush (I’d like to count myself among those who couldn’t be broken much like the wild horse who could not be broken – so they shot him and he became dog food – my eventual fate?; perhaps. In comes the stupidity of the American public who not only spent every nickel of what they produced but borrowed WAY beyond their means all in a few generations to move from being the #1 creditor nation to the #1 debtor nation! The American people and government have borrowed so much that the mathematical possibility of ever paying it back to even return to break even is impossible! And it gets worse every day!

Today, July 12, 2014 there is a headline on dozens of Web sites trumpeting that China has made a tender offer to purchase EVERY Fortune 500 company except for military and data information companies (knowing the U.S. government wouldn’t allow it). Is the story a joke? I’m guessing it is. At the same time what China supposedly announced (a tender offer to essentially buy U.S.A. Inc.) has been happening for years. Only the truly clueless (which is about 98% of the U.S. population) would believe China happily takes even more worthless American currency, bonds and other paper printed by the Federal Reserve and other organizations connected with the American government. By the way, the Federal Reserve is neither federal nor do they have reserves. The private and secretive banker owners of the Federal Reserve have even admitted they are broke and even wildly broke. They are so broke they couldn’t buy a candy bar with their actual “net worth”! They are trillions (yes trillions with a T!) in debt. Ft. Knox is empty and unfunded liabilities of the American government extend into numbers so high that if each unit was a marble, well you wouldn’t have enough glass on earth to make that many marbles.

You don’t think China knows this? In a central planned totalitarian government the people are just numbers (same as in America). The few on top in China turn American debt into real assets as fast as it flows in. The dollar officially becoming worth zero dot zero would cost China nothing (except the chaos of a world in full-blown economic melt down). Every dollar, every U.S. bond has been used to buy REAL assets. Gold mines in Africa, potash pits in Australia, real estate in London and on and on. The list of all that China owns in REAL assets would extend to the moon and back if written in 8 pitch type! They already own big chunks of the United States! Not just land and buildings but homes and companies. They may be getting close to owning more of America than Americans own. What they don’t own other countries own; everything from highways to supermarkets; from housing subdivisions to entire city blocks. Did you know at last count China owned 62% of the area commonly known as Wall Street? And that is just above board ownership. I don’t know who counted them or how they figured out they were front shell companies but I read China has over 4,000 companies in the United states here solely for the purposes of buying companies and learning manufacturing and technology “secrets”. Office parks in areas like Dallas are full of companies with names like Xyzsis Technology, Inc. but walk in and you encounter a few desks and no one there except for a receptionist who answers the phone and greets visitors mainly to say “I don’t know anything but I can take a message”. The company itself is busy bidding on government contracts and acquiring knowledge wherever it can be picked up. The names of the people who are the registered agents of the corporations are almost always Chinese names but good luck ever getting to meet one or even have a message returned!

Recently even the JP Morgan headquarters building was sold to the Chinese! This, by the way, is the building that supposedly houses the second largest hoard of gold in the United States behind Ft. Knox. Did they buy the vault too? How about the gold? Probably not and there’s probably no gold there anyway. Germany trying to reclaim its gold being stored by America for “safe keeping” managed to obtain a miniscule amount and only after years of waiting! “The King Wears No Clothes!” America is so deeply in debt, so deep in the hole it can’t even see the top of the hole it is in!

When I see a headline like “Chinese Purchases of U.S. Real Estate Jump 72% as The Bank of China Facilitates Money Laundering” (Google for it) my reaction is ONLY 72%? How about 99.9%! Can it be over 100%? What the Chinese government isn’t buying the Chinese people are! To the clueless among us, everything the Chinese people “own” the Chinese government considers their property. The people are just holding it. And the Chinese government is actually the Chinese military. And the military is OWNED by about twelve Chinese military generals. THEY own much of the world. There are two centers of power and wealth in this world and one of those is not the United States or even the entire Western World. The Western World is a poor second cousin who is owned right up to their socks by others! You, me and everyone you know or ever knew is owned by someone else.

There will eventually be a “decision” made of who is sole owner of the world. Either the Chinese or that group many call “Illuminati, Bilderberg, Rothschild and so on. All of us only fit in this game of world power as an asset and not a very good asset at that!

I predicted decades ago that the headquarters of every major U.S. Company will be located in China by the year 2050. My only change is that the date is dropping. I’d say it is now 2035 and that date is approaching much sooner every day! Even the few bankers and those on Wall Street who have some understanding of world economics: did they really expect China to continue to ship America real goods and services in exchange for pieces of paper that are, in effect, IOU’s? No one is THAT dumb! And that China would continue to pile worthless paper in vaults FOREVER acting as if the paper is really worth something? The few who are not clueless did NOT believe this for a second. They are just attempting to be on the right side of history when America holds its “going out of business” sale. Well, it has already begun! It began even decades ago but it is now gathering steam.

So this “dumb smuck” out here in Kansas makes even more projections and forecasts as he (to be precise, me) has done for decades. No one (at least 99.9%of Americans) like to hear what he writes and what he says but they can’t argue with his rate of being correct with forecasts he’s made in the past. He’s been pretty much 100% correct with everything he has projected. He doesn’t like what he projects but it’s the truth none the less. Few, if any, listen. I wrote earlier in this pontification; “AS THE BAND PLAYED ON”. Well, the music will continue to play and the people will dance right up to the second when the music stops. Only then will all but the handful who saw it all coming will utter a group “what the heck just happened? Who stopped the music?” Well, the “music” is about to stop for America and this time it will stop forever.

As I mentioned, I just read a headline on numerous Web sites: “China to Buy Entire Fortune 500.” Even though dozens of Web sites are repeating the story it is mostly likely a spoof that got out of hand but my reaction to it is “this has been going on for years and China already owns much of America including not just Fortune 500 companies, thousands of other companies, millions of acres of land, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of residential homes, apartment buildings and even entire towns! Yes, this is probably a spoof headline and story but, in actual fact, it is the truth and has been going on slowly by steady for decades!” It is too late wake up. It’s time to learn Chinese (Mandarin) as THEY are your new owners!

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  • It is SO good to hear something from you, Mr. Yantis!
    I know how you have been struggling with Lyme disease and it’s effects, so it’s great to see that you are still here and kicking. God bless.
    a fan,
    Jim Ault

    • James
      Sorry for the delay. Minor Lyme relapse. They still happen no matter what. Still, I am usually 99% better. Just published new Lyme guidebook containing EVERYTHING I know about Lyme. Amazon Kindle title Lyme Disease 2014 Epidemic. LOTS of new Lyme information from the thousands of people with Lyme who contact me. NOT a college text book for med school. Nor is the price! If you are still battling Lyme there is much more in this book than my first one covering a lot of new information I’ve learned from others. Best regards Gary

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