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Preview Of My New Book – “Lyme Secrets” What Doctors Won’t Tell You – Because They Don’t Know!

Lyme Treatments

By now you should have completed or be well into the various steps necessary to “repair” your body as much as possible of the damage Lyme disease has done to you. Yes, I know you are beyond ultimate frustration. Remember, I have BEEN THERE! There is nothing you can tell me I’ve not experienced myself or had others tell me (mostly experienced myself). I had days where I couldn’t get out of bed without a significant struggle and, even then, “getting out of bed” was usually nothing more than crawling to the bathroom then returning to bed, a ten minute struggle to get back up into bed then try to sleep. As you know even with the extreme fatigue and tiredness that Lyme hits you with 24/7 adding sleep to it is rarely part of it – don’t we both wish it was. So you just lay in bed hour after hour waiting for – waiting for – waiting for what? We have no idea! Right!

Well, you are now reaching a very critical point in your road to suppression of Lyme. As you’ve read, unless you catch Lyme within a few weeks of being bit by a tick who infects you with Lyme then take the ABX (antibiotic) doxycycline for three or four weeks (100 mg twice a day) you will have Lyme for the rest of your life. As you’ve already read reducing the many effects of Chronic Lyme is what this book is all about. It is possible with much time and effort (you have both; right?) to reduce Lyme symptoms to where you have Lyme but you feel perfectly healthy. I’m a living testament to that as are many thousands of others. It is just like HIV/AIDS.

With the major advancements in medical research into the terrible disease of HIV/AIDS it is possible to bring HIV/AIDS in the body of someone who is infected down to zero point zero! If tested, they show positive for HIV/AIDS but as long as they continue to take what they call “specially balanced drug cocktails blended for their specific infection” their health is good and they usually feel fine (unless they have some other illness). Stop taking the “drug cocktails” and they fall back into the horror of suffering from HIV/AIDS which, I’m told, is very similar and equal in intensity to those who suffer from extreme chronic Lyme disease. In fact, I can’t confirm it but I’ve read several times that Lyme under a microscope is similar to HIV/AIDS causing several researchers to state HIV/AIDS and Lyme is in the same family of diseases along with certain other diseases. True or not I have no idea but the two do share several of the same traits. Both (thus far) cannot be cured (only the symptoms can be treated), both diseases “morph” sometimes changing to avoid the latest medical attempt to attack the disease itself and they both spread throughout the body particularly lessening the immune system of the body.

You read early in this book “to determine where you are at any point in your quest to significantly lower your perhaps even debilitating symptoms of chronic Lyme disease you must first determine where you are as you begin”. That is no different than following a road map on a trip – you must know where you are before you begin!

If you’ve been infected with Lyme disease for more than few years, it is probable you also suffer from Wilson’s Syndrome which was explained in an earlier chapter. Your body being more open to other disease you may also be infected with other illnesses such as malaria, Tb, babesia and Bartonella and, perhaps, other illnesses. Fortunately, as was explained each of these can be cured but there are no quick cures plus you must first cancel the effects of Wilson’s Syndrome raising your body temperature back to the norm of 98.6 degrees and the toxicity of your body (pH) to at least 6.4. Taking the drug triiodothyronine (T3) should begin to raise your body temperature within a day or two. The lower your temperature the faster T3 works. I was at 91 degrees when finally diagnosed with Wilson’s Syndrome. Being that far below the norm of 98.6 my body temperature was up to 94 degrees within a day and back to 98.6 degrees after three weeks.

At the same time I was measuring my body’s toxicity (the ratio of acid to alkalinity in each of the millions of cells in my body – the body is 80% liquid but that doesn’t mean pure water – it could be almost yellow acid if you are extremely toxic. If your pH is below 6.0 you will not feel “healthy” no matter what else you do to improve your health. Also, in spite of the billion dollar “detoxification” industry whose ads usually begin with “Detoxify Now!” it has been proven that only the body can detoxify itself. If your pH measures a low 5.2, ingesting 20 pounds of Tums and Rolaids and other almost pure alkalinity liquids and solids your body’s pH will not budge as much as a tenth of a point. Only if you mistakenly measure your pH just after ingesting a large amount of alkalinity will the measurement show an improvement. There is no improvement. You simply measured the temporary higher alkalinity of the additional anti-acids you just ingested.

Wait an hour then measure your pH again. Yup, it is still the low 5.2. Even if you could somehow “main line” alkalinity into your body instead of eating 20 pounds of anti-acids it would not help! I seriously doubt anyone could ingest that many packages of anti-acids without getting sick after the first few pounds of anti-acids, as I say, it will not help! Personally, I measure the pH of my body using both pH “STIX from a company named Alkalive and a roll dispenser of pH test paper from pHdryion. There are other brands and they all seem to work equally well. They can be purchased from Amazon as well as virtually every health food store, some pharmacies and hundreds of on-line stores. The prices are cheap so don’t skimp on this – buy both! That way you’ll be sure of the measurement. For that matter, I bought four mouth temperature thermometers to make absolutely sure the readings I obtain are always accurate. My favorite thermometer is a digital one from Kaz (division of Vicks) costing all of $3 so this is not an expensive endeavor.

As you’ve already read, usually all measurements of the body should never be taken when you first awake or within an hour or two after having eaten or drank any food or beverage (even water). Overnight, the body extracts and gathers toxins in the cells of the body and then eliminates them all at once in urine after awakening. Unless you are instructed by a doctor to do some measurement upon awakening then do not do it. Personally, I measure at 11 AM and/or 3 PM as the optimum times for body measurements. My body is fully “awake” and functioning and it is between meals. I make sure I’m not taking a measurement after, say, a mid-afternoon snack. I’d be measuring the pH of the snack; not of my body. I am not diabetic but I’ve read the same caution is true with reading glucose levels. Most likely this is true with almost any measurement of a condition, element, chemical or function of the body. Essentially, all measurements should be of the body, not of the buildup of toxins in the body over night or measuring the pH of a snack you just ate or drank. This is not “rocket science” to understand!

I consider pH to be the “gold standard” of overall health. This is true with every living organism from humans to animals to even plants. Farmers test the dirt in the fields to see how acidic it is. Soil that is highly toxic (a low pH) means it is almost poisonous to attempts to growing crops. Unlike humans and animals, adding alkalinity to soil can raise its pH and the soil again becomes fertile to growing crops.

Why doctors rarely test the pH of their patients has always been a mystery to me. They check blood pressure and body temperature plus height and weight but I’ve never had a nurse or doctor measure the pH of my body. Considering how important it is as the one measurement that provides a “snap shot” of the overall health of the patient why don’t they test the pH of every patient as standard procedure? In my opinion doing so would spot or “flag” many medical conditions that haven’t as yet surfaced but probably will in the future.

A medical problem caught and treated as early as possible means the chances of a cure are quite high. Wait until the medical condition becomes apparent in the health of the patient and a cure can become difficult and sometimes impossible! No better example exists than cancer! Cancers usually are first detected (if looked for) by a slight drop in pH. The body is becoming slightly more acidic than normal – why? After cancer is diagnosed only then do doctor make use of pH readings. In a cancer hospital measuring pH is used to check to see if a certain treatment, medication, etc. is having a positive effect. If the unfortunate patient is deemed to be terminal then pH is used to determine how close to death the patient currently is.

Besides the fact that if pH had been regularly tested and a slight drop in pH might have detected the cancer early and made removal of all of the cancer relatively simple increasing the pH of even cancer patients who are terminal can often lower the body pain cancer patients usually endure in the latter stages of cancer before death occurs. Instead, cancer hospitals use pain medications to reduce pain while raising the person’s pH might more naturally lower the amount of pain the person is sensing and may increase their remaining period of life (a guess on my part). I cannot confirm it but I have read stories of raising pH of cancer patients who were “marginal” enabled the cancer to be lessened and even put into remission.

In a nutshell, I believe the pH of the human body is one of the most important factors of overall health and is absolutely the most overlooked. I can only ask why? To me this one question I find to be more frustrating than anything else in the field of medicine. Why is pH often ignored? Did you know members of the U.S. Olympic team measure their pH every day? If they notice it drop even a few tenths they know their immune system is being “attacked” by some bacteria, germs or ?. They then take proactive action by drinking extra fresh orange juice, eating extra fruits and vegetables and, above all, getting more rest! They reduce the amount of daily physical activity they normally do. For such an athlete, professional or amateur, pH becomes all important. Individuals who endeavor to keep their bodies in as perfect health as possible often test their pH daily. pH is the best kept secret of maintaining good health – but it should not be a secret!

Only when the pH of the body begins to climb returning to at least a level of six and body temperature at least 98.0 degrees will the body’s metabolism begin to function again at an acceptable rate, If you discovered your body temperature and your pH is also quite low (they always track each other) your body’s metabolism will have been functioning like an automobile engine with 100 weight sludge type oil in it! Only your metabolism will detoxify your body – not some wonder medicine you see advertised (notice they are always careful to say, in effect, their product actually does nothing but we’re making all these claims with many caveats and using testimonials from users to entice you into buying it). Those that prey on people who are ill are not ethical people – I’ll leave it at that.

Taking T3 should quickly return your body to 98.6. Be careful not to take too much! When you reach 98.6 stop taking T3 after a few days. But continue to check your body pH and body temperature. You’ll notice your pH climbs slowly while your body temperature climbs quickly. This is normal. The millions of cells of your body after years of your metabolism “running” slow to almost standing still (due to Wilson’s Syndrome) are full of toxins (poison) and it takes months for your slowly restarting metabolism to push the toxins out of cells making room for healthy nutrients. With a sluggish metabolism good nutrients entering your body tend to flush right through your system not being absorbed by the cells of your body.

Remember – the cells are already full of toxins so they have no room for good nutrients to enter and stay! The toxins remain and you get sicker and sicker. It becomes a vicious circle. This is such a seldom studied area of medical science that patients have died due to falling body temperatures while doctors had no idea what was causing it or what to do. When body temperature drops to about 87 degrees the patient often lapses into a coma and dies as their body temperature nears 80 degrees. All of this could have been averted and the patient returned to good health with three to six months of a simple and inexpensive chemical (T3). Apparently pH is not taught in medical school or is not dwelled on for more than a few days. I encountered one doctor who assured me the pH of the human body is always 7.3 and never varies. With all due respect I responded “7.3 is the pH of human blood. If it varies much from 7.3 the person dies”. The body (liver mostly) will take pH (usually alkalinity and often calcium from bones) anywhere it can find it to maintain blood pH at 7.3. Usually, by then, the patient is very sick and has a body temperature and a pH that has them close to death already. The doctor looked it up in his medical school text book then apologized to me.

It often takes months for pH to climb back above 6.0. Only then is the body’s metabolism working at “full speed”. At that point it is actively pushing out the toxins that have built up in the cells of the body and replacing the toxins with healthy nutrients. That is the optimum time to “eat right” and practice healthy living. So often people eat nothing but fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods but still feel unhealthy. Most likely their pH is low and their body temperature is low. All the best foods in the world won’t help a bit as the body simply “discharges” the good nutrients keeping the few toxins all foods contain. After three to six months your pH has probably climbed back to above 6.0. You might even get close to 7.0!

You should already be feeling better and you haven’t even started to “attack” the Lyme disease in your body.

That is enough about pH for now. For detailed information concerning pH, Wilson’s Syndrome and related subjects return to the chapter that details Wilson’s Syndrome.

Returning your body to a state of having an active and healthy metabolism and the cells of your body close to equilibrium in pH (7.0) is the first and most important step to prepare your body to confront the Lyme disease that has turned into chronic Lyme disease that varies from causing you annoying distress to almost stopping your life. But it is not stopped forever — read on! Unless or until a cure is found, you will always test positive for Lyme.

I am assuming you have been tested for Lyme disease with the test I consider the best, most accurate one available www.igenix.com If not, return to chapter one and get properly tested! There are many other illnesses that have some of the same symptoms of Lyme but are not Lyme. Make absolutely sure you have Lyme. You can usually determine how long you’ve had Lyme by the presence or absence of Wilson’s Syndrome and the severity of it. I tested so “low” it was guessed at that I was infected in about 1985. It took dozens of doctors and $500,000 of my money (insurance still refuses to pay for anything to do with Lyme but that is going to change as Lyme, unfortunately, appears it is on the way to becoming a world wide pandemic) before a doctor in 2005 finally diagnosed me not only with an “off the charts” case of Lyme but also Wilson’s Syndrome, Tb, malaria, babesia, Bartonella and several other minor illnesses. I was essentially near death (so said the doctor).

You need to be tested for everything possible. Assuming you have Wilson’s Syndrome while you are treating it you can also be treated to cure you of other illnesses. By the time the Wilson’s Syndrome was corrected, my body temperature at 98.6 and my pH at 6.7 and the cells of my body now filled with healthy nutrients I had also been cured of all other illnesses except for Bartonella. Bartonella is so tied in with Lyme that only after treatment for Lyme did the Bartonella clear up. Testing for as many diseases as possible is not cheap but is a must. You must do it! You will encounter doctors who will say “malaria is impossible – this is not a jungle!” Well, I had malaria and it has been discovered in ticks as far north as Alaska.

A truly Lyme Literate MD (LLMD) will know this and will encourage you to be tested for as many illnesses as possible.

There ARE world class Lyme Literate doctors far smarter than me but they are very difficult to find. As you can guess, my knowledge has come from personal experience, conversing with thousands of others with Lyme and even having a few dozen doctors call me seeking additional knowledge about Lyme. I am very discrete and would never repeat the names of the doctors who call me or, for that matter, the names of the thousands of people infected with Lyme who have contacted me.

However, finding a competent knowledgeable Lyme doctor will probably be your highest hurdle. There are many reasons for this (covered elsewhere in this book) but, for now, accept it as a fact. You will have to find the “right” doctor who is a “needle in a haystack.” You have no choice. You need a very competent LLMD to do the PICC line and know which drugs to rotate and the amount of each ABX to use.

At the same time, because of the millions of people infected with Lyme (and another two million infections expected in 2014, due to Lyme having reached the “tipping point” of pandemic type diseases – the percentage of ticks now carrying Lyme disease has increased from 50% to over 99% just since 2013 and the number of ticks has increased by 300% again since 2013) yet there are so few trained and Lyme knowledgeable doctors it opens up the field to dishonest doctors who somehow managed to obtain a degree in medicine and proceed to make significant money providing “Lyme treatment” that, in fact, is rarely of any value. One of the largest such practices was recently closed down:


Anyway, “Caveat Emptor” (Buyer Beware). There are good Lyme doctors but there are also many like ex-Dr. Ryser. Exercise caution as you would with anything major in life and you’ll be fine. Truly expert knowledgeable Lyme Literate doctors are difficult to find and, thus, they are often expensive. Since insurance often does not cover Lyme treatments use the same caution as you would in any large purchase; buying a car, buying a house and so forth. If you have questions; ask! You are the one about to spend a LOT of money so ask for more information of anything you do not understand.

Lyme has been deemed the fastest spreading disease in the world in 2014.

As a focal point of those who have Lyme disease I have been contacted by people in all 50 states, all Canadian provinces and 43 foreign countries. The number grows daily. By the way, the most “dangerous” ticks, the ones that almost always carry Lyme disease are the very small ones; the ones the size of poppy seeds. Very large ticks are often harmless but the small ones often carry not only Lyme disease and malaria but also Tb, babesia and Bartonella and, of recent, some ticks in Europe are carrying encephalitis; a disease that can cause death within days. Other illnesses are rumored but I’ve yet to confirm them for sure so I won’t list them – for now. To make matters even worse (!) other insects are now being discovered carrying Lyme. The numbers are not yet great in number but it is growing rapidly.

As a factoid: have you seen GW Bush in public lately giving a speech? He’s had Lyme since about 2005. His walking into closets and bumbling of words began when he caught Lyme. I knew he had Lyme by watching him. But it was confirmed when his doctor released the fact of his Lyme infection. For hundreds of real horror stories of Lyme infection visit www.youtube.com and enter the word Lyme in the search window.

I am writing a book probably titling it “Lyme Stories” that will relate the most tragic and heart stopping reading you’ll ever encounter. If you’d like your story included please email me. No names will be shown of course. Included will be several that end in suicide. Lyme is beyond horrific. I should add, the suicides only occurred when people came to me too late. I can usually suggest something that makes the person feel better overnight. That gives them hope then we, together, untangle the life they thought was over. Hundreds I began with calling me from their bed are now back to work, playing golf and so forth – so there is hope! I’ve never charged a penny for anything I’ve done. I just related what I did in the same circumstance and condition then the person I’m conversing with decides what to do from there.

Assuming you have followed and done everything in this chapter, your body is now illness-free, your metabolism is running at full speed and your pH is above 6.4 with body temperature a stable 98.6 (I will assume your blood pressure and pulse rate are both “normal”) you are finally ready for the final and most important step to do what I call “breaking the back of Lyme disease”. Again, you will always test positive for Lyme but you should be able to suppress your Lyme symptoms to close to or actually, zero and you can resume your normal life! Personally, probably being too cautious, I do not over exert myself nor engage in heavy physical activity. I always get plenty of rest and eat healthy. It should go without saying – no smoking! Not even one cigarette.

By the way, as an aside also mentioned elsewhere in this book, I avoid all vaccine shots as they contain mercury as an activation agent. For unknown reason for those with Lyme disease the minute amount of mercury will cause you to have a month-long case of the worst flu you’ll think ever had. After six years of flu shots followed by a month in bed each time I asked questions and was told what I just wrote.

Now comes perhaps the difficult part. You need to find an LLMD who is familiar with ABX treatment of Lyme using a PICC line fed to an area near the heart. This is not nearly as “scary” as it sounds. A doctor feeds a tube into a shoulder into a major vein going directly to your heart. He feeds the tube watching it real-time on an x-ray. He stops in a large area near your heart.

After that, twice a day you insert a sealed sterile syringe into the tube that is exposed from your shoulder. You are sent home with seven days of ABX on dry ice in syringes. You do this twice a day thus 14 syringes. You return to the doctor’s office each week for a new supply of ABX. Ceftin, Rocephin and Zithromax are three common antibiotics used for this but there are others. You probably won’t see the doctor again until the final day. A nurse is trained to clean the tube and provide you with a new supply of ABX for the coming week.

For decades, some doctors have been on the right track administering a huge amount of antibiotics but the success rate was only about two percent. Costing as much as $50,000, insurance companies balked (see elsewhere in this book for details). Unknown to these doctors is that the kidneys remove most of the antibiotics from the blood stream considering them to be poison. Only a small amount of the oral ABX ever reached the millions of cells infected with Lyme. However, fed via a PICC line most of the ABX bypass the kidneys and do get to the cells of the body. BUT we’re still not there yet! Many doctors who do this use only a single ABX for the entire three to six months. The body becomes resistant to an ABX after three to four weeks – not enough time to help. Thus the ABX must be rotated every few weeks. Ceftin for a few weeks then Rocephin then Zithromax or some other antibiotic meant for this purpose.

Finding a doctor who knows and understands all of this, will test you for dozens to a hundred plus other diseases (you may find it easier to use another doctor for this – any infectious diseases doctor knows which tests to have run and can order the correct tests plus “read” the results. They are familiar with malaria and other odd diseases. The doctor will need access to a hospital that has the equipment and personnel to place the PICC line in your body. The doctor will set up the weekly ABX exchanges. Finding one who understands that antibiotics must be rotated every two to four weeks is necessary. True – none of this is easy but has anything with Lyme ever been easy for you? No! At least you are finally making progress! Compared to all you have been through and your burning desire of “I want my life back!” you’ve just read a step by step guide of how to do it!

I believe by summer of 2015 or 2016 at the latest Lyme is spreading so rapidly it will be overwhelming the U.S. medical system as thousands to millions who are not ill today become ill by next summer or the summer of 2016. I’ve had four local friends bitten by ticks just within the last month; one in my backyard. They all appeared to be Lyme infected tick bites. Some went to the doctor willingly but I pushed everyone to obtain and began taking doxycycline immediately. Just while writing this chapter I’ve received three phone calls and six e-mails from people mostly just bitten but two woke up almost paralyzed having been bitten many months ago. Lyme often “incubates” for a long time then “springs” to life sometimes overnight. You go to bed feeling fine then you wake up aching and sore as you’ve ever been in your life. It can hit you that fast! You may or may not even remember the tick bite of months to even a year or two ago!

My name is well known among Lyme groups so individuals are often told to contact me. I simple became overwhelmed by the end of 2013 receiving as many as a thousand e-mails a day and dozens of phone calls. For awhile to find my life again I removed my book on Lyme from Amazon and removed my YouTube videos. With the publication of this book I expect I’ll be in the “main stream” again EXCEPT this time this book contains everything I can think of. Plus a friend is designing www.garyyantis.com for me that will contain all new information plus there will be a newsletter and a chat room for Lyme sufferers to talk to each other. I have other volunteers helping with Facebook, Twitter and other public activities.

There shouldn’t be much need for those with Lyme to contact me directly – everything I know about Lyme will be in writing in this book and my new Web site. I hope this way I can concentrate on the difficult and unusual “cases”. I’m especially following the spread of Lyme reaching countries not previously touched and the additional diseases ticks and other insects are carrying. There is so much that anyone who knows the basic protocols of pure research (as I do from my nuclear energy and electronics research days) can do to be of help without being an MD. Being a focal point where I have data given to me by hundreds of people all over the world is something that can be of much use but few doctors have the time for such pursuits as important as it could be. Almost every day I receive update reports from friends scattered around the world. Currently I’m monitoring (and concerned) about an explosion of Lyme disease in rural western Russia. Some of the ticks are also carrying encephalitis which can kill within days. One of my Russia contacts is telling me some very rural Russian villages with everyone dead is burning the town with napalm. They are burning the town so many times that even the dirt is burnt to a level several feet down. This kills all vegetation and insects in the ground to a depth of several feet. This would kill all ticks and other similar insects. What else is going on we’ll soon be learning about. About every 500 years mankind experiences a pandemic so extreme that 50 to 80% of the people die. With worldwide travel we would have to expect a new massive pandemic to spread within weeks and kill so fast mankind would be unable to react fast enough. Am I being overly concerned? I know governments have in place (not very) secret plans to quarantine areas as small as a city block to an entire continent.

This time it will be such that there should be no need to contact me. Everything I know about Lyme is in this book plus my Web site will have up to the minute new discoveries. I have learned much from the many who have contacted me. That will continue but not where I am occupied 20 hours a day seven days a week as I reached by the end of 2013 (when I had no choice but to “pull the plug”. Enough people still find me thus I cannot totally dropout of sight. Plus I want to help others with all I have learned. I know the helpless feeling when a doctor tells you “you are not sick! Why are you faking an illness! You need to see a psychiatrist!” Well, I finally did! He gave me a letter stating “Gary Yantis is as sane as you or me. He really is very ill but I don’t know from what. I am not a medical doctor. I hope he finds a doctor who diagnoses his illness”.

Well, after five more doctors and another $40,000 I finally did find an LLMD who correctly diagnosed me. That set me on a course of learning all you read in this chapter plus the remainder of this book. I truly hope I am helping others/

You’ll be feeling better so slowly you’ll hardly notice the change. Just remember the day a few years ago you had to crawl to the bathroom! Today, you take your dog out for a few miles stroll and you wear him out!

Will there be relapses? Unfortunately, yes. I experience a relapse a few times a year but they are manageable. Remember: I am not a doctor and have no medical training. I can only suggest. I relate everything here detailing what I have personally done and have had done to me. Take this information as, at the most, “food for thought”. What you do with your body you have to decide on your own. It is a tragedy beyond words that Lyme disease for reasons described elsewhere that there are not highly trained competent Lyme treatment doctors in every major city. Instead every major city has medical quacks that are happy to take your money but provide you nothing in return. Those suffering with Lyme are left to their own devices to try to get well picking up bits and pieces of information from fellow Lyme disease sufferers. I hope this chapter (probably the most important) is more than “bits and pieces to you. BUT it is NOT advice from a doctor. I am NOT a doctor! I do not and will not “practice medicine without a license”. From all you read in this book proceed accordingly.

I’m a “medical layman” who happened to be bit by a tick long ago when few ticks carried Lyme disease. Do I remember the bite? Was there a bulls eye rash? This was almost 30 years ago – I can’t remember much of the last decade much less 30 years ago. I remember while mowing often stopping to dig out a tick with a small knife I carried. I didn’t consider ti a bid deal any more than the snakes I saw (never bit) or the many mosquito and spider bites. Mowing my 2 ½ acres every week or two each time I would have dozens of ticks on me when I came indoors. Sometimes I’d have so many ticks my wife would hand me my bathrobe in the garage and I’ll disrobe there. I would then take a shower while she knocked all the ticks off my clothing. I had never heard of Lyme disease until, perhaps, 2002. I wasn’t diagnosed until 2005.

My career included being a research engineer scientist for the Atomic Energy Commission and about the same thing for a commercial airline equipment company. I did have the advantage of decades of training doing in-depth research. After I was diagnosed but then told “there is no cure and very little known on how to even lessen the symptoms” I used my decades of training as a researcher to “research Lyme”. Using the Internet was a Godsend for me. Having thousands contact me included many with information on Lyme of which I used to assemble this giant puzzle called Lyme. Despite it using up a year of my life it did provide me insight that few others ever get the chance of developing. Hopefully, this time around, I’ll be able to help many thousands but not do so almost one at a time as I was doing. I’ve offered my data base to any formal group (i.e. a university with government grants and PhD researchers) but I can’t find anyone doing the slightest bit of research on Lyme! The millions with Lyme infection are (almost) on their own except for the few books like this one.

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  • BRUCE Gatgens

    Hi Gary

    Im sorry I have not been in contact, as I have upgrade to window 7 and had lost my address book on my pc. I thank you for remembering me, as I want to stay in contact with you. I had been forced into having a nerve biopsy done this year, as nerve conduction studies. As they were show nerve degeneration was going done hill. So the only way I could get Intravenous immunoglobulin treatment was. To have the nerve biopsy and when the nerve test come back, it said I had infection of the nerve. I said to my neurologists Dr Tom Welling is this from me having babesia and he say not like lee, I said what cause it and he said we don’t know. I feel his Intravenous immunoglobulin treatment is not do a lot so far. As I am still having problems with my eyes, headaches, and very sore testicles and they go so red and painful. So Gary if you don’t mind me asking where do I get triiodothyronine from in Australia Gary, as sick of being on 62.5 of fentanyl patches each 2 days and ordine 10 and 5ml a day, valium for uncontrolled muscle spasms in the legs each time I want to lay down
    I take 2 5mg of valiam each day, when I need to lay down when my muscle just lock on and cant walk. Im so glad you contacted me, as I could not remember you last name and lost all my kindle book I had on the pc. Thank you for being there for being there for us Gary. I wood love copy of you new book on ebook
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