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Our Site’s New Administrative Team

Dear Friends,

It has been quite a year for me. I have done many interviews and most have surrounded the events continuing to unfold at the Fukushima Nuclear Facility.

For a comprehensive, continuing examination of what is happening there, I recommend all of you read ENE NEWS as they seem to be the only site doing a credible job of exposing the facts and on a daily basis.

For a comprehensive analysis of one of my extensive interviews on the subject, you can visit The Critical Post – Chicago’s article about everything that I discussed on air with John B. Wells after he launched his new subscription site Caravan To Midnight.

Which brings me to the subject of this post.

I am involved in many things at present and because of all the activity I barely have the time to learn how to professionally manage a website. Thankfully that problem has been taken off the table for me and I am privileged to have the team from The Critical Post – Chicago join my efforts here at garyyantis.com.

In the coming months I have many subjects that I am considering to include here which will be revealed shortly.

I promise the information will be accurate to the best of my ability. So, please stay tuned as we commence to add important and relevant content here at garyyantis.com

Consider our web design a work in progress at this point and if you have any suggestions for the site please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours Truly,

Gary Yantis

2 comments to Our Site’s New Administrative Team

  • Patricia

    I googled Fukuschima.
    And noticed that 21,900,000
    other interested citizens of Earth have done the same.
    You, no doubt, have sparked interest.
    Are you going to post new info on this site? I hope so.
    Take care. I can only imagine what you are going through.

    • Patricia
      sorry about the delay. Yes, Fukushima is getting much worse. It’s all politics and covering up those who made the mess that IMO will kill millions of people early. In a test of 405,000 school children in Fukushima area 55% have nodules, precancerous cancer growths and some with cancer already. Almost all thyroid cancer. The Japanese government not protecting their people is criminal. Most will die before age 30. The “cloud” of radioactive particles is spreading all over the world. Hardest hit is West Coast from Alaska to south of Mexico. People who won’t leave — most will die of throat cancer within 20 years. The entire country of Japan is doomed. The “rich and powerful” 99% left in 2011. They return for “photo ops” but most now actually live in London, Vancouver, American Southwest in that order. When this spreads enough there will be place on earth to escape the radioactive fall out. Keep bottles of Potassium Iodide (Iodide not Iodine) to use but only use if radioactive particle begin to fall to earth. That is now happening on the West Coast. Every person should have three bottles of “PI”, n95 spec breathing masks and REMAIN INDOORS! if particles are falling. Own a Geiger counter. Cheap on eBay. Geiger counter must detect both beta and gamma ray particles. Alpha falls to earth with ten miles so not a concern. The PI fills up the thyroid such that there is no room for radioactive particles. I am still working on my book about Fukushima. Reluctant to publish it as I will name specific people as EVIL. This includes leadership of five countries. They will NOT be happy when I reveal this was man made and how it was done. Unless something is done soon life on planet earth will end. Hiding in caves or deep underground bunkers with provisions only delays death. Animals and crops exposed to the falling radioactive particles will be inedible.

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