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Gary Yantis comment made on SGT video

Interesting my comments are often at the top of “Top Comments”. I think that is a compliment. If so, thank you. I am curious though – who? SGT?, YouTube? decides on which are “Top Comments” and then in what order are they “Top Comments”? As an aside I notice brief comments I receive (such [...]

China Buys America

China Buys America 2050, no make that 2030, no make that 2020 No make that 2020 (and dropping fast!)

Gary Yantis

First of all, who am I to have such knowledge to make such a flat out bold statement with no if, ands or buts? No way to squirm out of my [...]

Our Site’s New Administrative Team

Dear Friends,

It has been quite a year for me. I have done many interviews and most have surrounded the events continuing to unfold at the Fukushima Nuclear Facility.

For a comprehensive, continuing examination of what is happening there, I recommend all of you read ENE NEWS as they seem to be the only [...]