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This site is dedicated to a myriad of subjects with which I am considerably interested to research and address as they relate to my concerns about their implications upon the lives of good people on this planet.

My research is corroborated independently by no less than three other sources before I will publish my findings and attest to their veracity as indisputable facts. However, sometimes because of the person/s involved I cannot attribute or make any reference to the witnesses and that’s because, I have either been asked to not disclose a source, or because I am protecting someone’s safety from forces within what I would term, a runaway government agency that’s beyond the scope of its original charter.

It is my sincere wish that you find my work informative, timely and most of all an important contribution to your understandings about what is really happening in the world as relates to my areas of interest.

Below you will find my latest news and research.


Gary Yantis

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The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control just declared Lyme disease (LD) to be the fastest growing infectious disease in the world! Ten million Americans are infected with another four million expected in 2014! As many as one billion people are infected worldwide but less than 10% know it! They just know their “flu-like” crummy feeling never goes away and few doctors have a clue! Well, yes, many do “have a clue” but are terrified to give an LD diagnosis (the book will tell you why doctors are terrified of LD!). The bite of a tiny tick can RUIN YOUR LIFE! Infections have grown 50+ fold since 1992 and are now at the tipping point of exploding into a world-wide pandemic!

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